List of Participants

On the stairs of the Collegio Rosmini of Domodossola (Italy), from the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is traditional to take pictures of all the students at the end of each course.

Thousands of photos have been taken over the years.

Following this tradition at the end of DOMOSCHOOL 2020, as done for 2018 and 2019 edition, it will be taken a picture of the participants in front of the entrance of the ancient College.


(waiting for participants picture at Domoschool 2020)
Below, you can find the  UPDATED list of participants of 2020 edition:
  1. Sergio CACCIATORI - Insubria University - Italy
  2. Laurent LAFFORGUE -IHES Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques Université Paris-Saclay - France,
  3. Rafe MAZZEO -Stanford University - USA,
  4. Philsang YOO -Yale University - USA,
  5. Olivia CARAMELLO -Università Insubria (Italy) e IHES (France),
  6. Adriano VIGANO' -Università di Milano (Italy),
  7. Marco MARIANI -Università di Milano (Italy),
  8. ..............
The following high school students from Verbano Cusio Ossola were admitted by the organization to participate as external guests in the lessons of the course:
  • ____________ - Secondary School students at _____________________
Attività patrocinata per il 2020 da Fondazione CARIPLO
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