International Summer School

of Mathematics and Physics

Domodossola (Italy)


The International Summer School will be held in Domodossola (Italy - VB) under the organizational management of the no-profit Association ARS.UNI.VCO with the scientific support of experienced academics and in collaboration with the municipality of Domodossola, with Collegio Rosmini and other Institutional Entities 
The annual school will consist in a five days meeting to be held in summer; lessons will take a total of 20-24 hours, divided in 6 up to 8 courses for 3-4 hours each one
Four days will be devoted to the scientific topic, in the middle of the week, one day will be devoted to cultural relax, where some events will be organized with the aim of allowing all the participants to enjoy the beauties, and the touristic, social and cultural potentiality of Domodossola, Val d’Ossola and alpine region of Verbano Cusio Ossola.
This will include a gala dinner for all participants to the school, organizers, and municipality members, an occasion for socializing beyond the scientific level, and to appreciate the local gastronomic specialties.
The participants to the school will be expected to be PhD students, researchers and experts from the world. Beyond the “standard” students, the participation to the school will be extended to interested high school teachers and worthy student (formative credits will be required).
Beyond this, it will be organized a special night events devoted to everyone: one public lecture explaining the contents and the relevance of the given school, and at least a popular lecture on a scientific topic that could be of general interest and helpful in spreading the scientific knowledge
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