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Domodossola is a lively town located in Ossola Valley in the heart of Alps. Situated in the valley of the river Toce, at the foot of the historic hill of Mattarella and Vagna hills, its historic center still remains the medieval flavor. Ossolane center of the valleys and roads converging from every direction, is a place of passage frequented by Italians and foreigners and destination for many tourists and holidaymakers


Also known as “the city’s sitting-room”, it is the heart of the historic centre of Domodossola. It is typically Renaissance in style with its palaces, balconies and protruding loggias, its arches and granite columns which date back to the 15th century. It has welcomed the market every Saturday all year round ever since it was requested by Beregario 1st in the year 917. From Piazza Mercato one can easily reach Via Briona which is considered to be the most characteristic street in Domodossola, and where one can discover the “Torre dell’Antica Palazzo del Vescovo”, a tower which dates back to the 14th century.


Was planned by architect Leoni di Torino in 1874. During the nazi occupation it was used by the Ossola Republic temporary government, whereas today it hosts the Town Council offices and an exhibition “ Sala della Resistenza” which displays evidence of the Ossola Republic. In front of the Town Hall there is a monument, carried out by Valle Vigezzo sculptor Francesco Ricci, to commemorate the well known local benefactor, Gian Giacomo Galletti (1789 –1873). Site:


This square sits in the heart of the district called “Motta”, and is so named due to an octagonal shaped fountain set in its centre. In 1844 an obelisk was added to the fountain and this monument can still be seen today. In the adjoining street, Via Carina one can admire the larch balconies, symbol of the Walser style of architecture – a people from the mountain areas of Ossola.


This palace was built on the outer walls of a 13th century church dedicated to San Francesco. Inside, one can admire its beautiful pillars with ornate capitals which support the aisle cross vaults. It has hosted the Galletti Foundation and the Natural Science Museum since 1912, exhibiting some rare objects such as the Simplon stage-coach, an early 20th century car and some of Geo Chavez’s relics, an aviator who died in Domodossola. At the moment this museum is closed for restoration


Built by the noble family Della Silva between the '500 and' 600, it is a rare example of a noble house existing late-Renaissance in the area. It was bought in 1881 by the Galletti Foundation and is now owned by the town of Domodossola, which has made this palace the main city museum. Inside we can find on the ground floor the Hall of Arms, the Saletta Guard, the kitchen, the corridor with stone sculptures from the twelfth to the sixteenth century; on the first floor the Salone d'Onore, Saletta Audience, the Bedroom and the Chapel with sacristy. All rooms offer collections of various kinds from the surrounding area and from some parts of the world.


Leaving the streets of Rosmini and Mattarella, crossing over the “Dalla Chiesa” city by-pass you come to a paved path which leads you to the top of “Colle di Mattarella” (400 metres above sea level). There are 15 little sanctuaries along this path in which life size statues portray the course of Christ’s Passion. The “Sacro Monte Calvario”, built in the middle of the 17th century, sits at the top of this hill and has represented a special Nature Reserve since 1991. Recently it has also been recognised as a UNESCO heritage.


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