List of Participants

On the stairs of the Collegio Rosmini of Domodossola (Italy), from the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is traditional to take pictures of all the students at the end of each course.

Thousands of photos have been taken over the years.

On these ancient scales, the next 20 July 2018 we will take a picture of the participants of the first edition of DOMOSCHOOL. 

Would not you like to be here too?

Below, you can find the FINAL  and UPDATED list of participants already enrolled in the 2018 International Alpine Domoschool edition:
  1. Sergio CACCIATORI - Insubria University - Italy
  2. Batu GUNEYSU - Humboldt University of Berlin - Deutschland
  3. Stefano PIGOLA - Insubria University - Italy
  4. Josè ISIDRO - Valencia Polytechnique - Spain
  5. Federico RE - Insubria University - Italy
  6. Rodrigo AVALOS - Federal University of Ceara - Brasil
  7. Alessandro CARLOTTO - ETH Zürich - Switzerand
  8. Giancarlo CELLA - Virgo Project -  INFN sez. Pisa
  9. Piotr CHRUSCIEL - Universität Wien - Austria
  10. Felix FINSTER - Universität Regensburg - Germany
  11. Alexander KAMENSHCHIK - Università di Bologna - Italy
  12. Eric POISSON - University of Guelph & Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics - Canada
  13. Carlo Alberto CREMONINI - Insubria University - Italy
  14. Stefano BERTINI - Nuclear Physics National Istitute INFN and Università degli Studi di Milano - Italy
  15. Elias Arawi Sol MEGIER - Ph.D. Student Milan State University, Mathematics Department
  16. Gabriele BOZZOLA - Ph.D. Student University of Arizona (USA)
  17. Maurizio BADA' - High School Teacher Liceo Scientifico G.Spezia - Domodossola - Italy
  18. Albertina FRANZINI - High School Teacher Liceo Scientifico G.Spezia - Domodossola - Italy
  19. Francesco CREMONA - Ph.D. Student Milan State University, Mathematics Department
  20. Giorgio LO PRESTI -  Catania State University Student
  21. Davide FERMI - Milan State University - Post Doc
  22. Francisco FERNANDEZ ALVAREZ - PhD student University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU
  23. Adamantia ZAMPELI - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Czech Republich
  24. Beniamin LENTZ - Student at University of Mons - Belgium
  25. Federica MUSCOLINO - Master Degree at University of Milan - Italy
  26. Jiří RYZNER - PhD Student -Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, in the Institute of Theoretical Physics (Czech Republic)
  27. Marco POZZETTA - Phd Student - Università di Pisa (Italia)
  28. Sebastian VOELKEL - PhD Student - University of Tuebingen (Germany)
  29. Orville DAMASCHKE -  Student at University of Oldenburg  - Institute of Physics (Germany)
  30. Nikolaos TRIANTAFYLLOU - PhD Student at Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB) at the University of Barcelona (Spain)
  31. Simon HIRSCHER  - Master's Student in the "Theoretical & Mathematical Physics" program at Luwdig Maximilian Universitat and TU Munich (Germany)
  32. Vittorio DE FALCO - Post Doctoral Researcher at Silesian University in Opava, Department of Physics (Czech Republic)
  33. Simone NOJA - Post Doctoral Researcher at Università Piemonte Orientale (Italy)
  34. Cristian BARRERA - HINOJOSA - PhD Student Institute for Computational Cosmology Department of Physics  Durham University (United Kingdom)
  35. Jiri VESELY - PhD Student -Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, in the Institute of Theoretical Physics (Czech Republic)..
  36. Federico CAPONE - PhD student in theoretical physics at University of Southampton - STAG Research  Center (UK)
  37. Yvonne CALO', Graduate student in theoretical physics at the University of Salento (Italy)
  38. Colin MacLAURIN, Graduate Studen at University of Queenland (Australia)
  39. Tereza VARDANYAN, Postdoc at University of Bologna and INFN (Italy)
  40. Vittorio GORINI, DISAT - Università Insubria - Como (Italy)
  41. Michele LENZI - PhD Student  Università Bologna (Italy)
  42. Piotr WALUK - PhD Research Assistant at Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (Poland)
  43. Vittorio CELLI -  University of Virginia Professor of Physics Emeritus
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