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Laurent LAFFORGUE                                       Olivia CARAMELLO       
FIELDS Medal 2002 on                                          INSUBRIA University and 
Langlands Programme                                          IHES Institut des Hautes Études 
IHES Institut des Hautes Études                     Scientifiques Université Paris-Saclay
Scientifiques Université Paris-Saclay                Abstract
Rafe MAZZEO                                                  Philsang YOO
STANFORD University                                           YALE University   
Abstract                                                             Abstract


Yang-Mills theories play a fundamental role in contemporary high energy physics. 

The comprehension of the non perturbative behaviour of these theories is of crucial importance. In this context, the mechanism of dualities provides a method for relating strong coupling gimes to weak coupling regimes, thus relating non perturbative computations to perturbative calculus in the dual theory. Such physical dualities have a mathematical counterpart that finds its natural place, in an even more general form, in the context of the geometrical approach to the Langlands program. 

The proof of the Langlands is becoming more and more important both in mathematics and physics as unifying framework where these two fields meet each other.

Anyone with a Scientific backrgoung or interest in the above defined topics of the school is warmly invited to participate.

Due to the capacity of the clasroom, attendance will be limited to a maximum of 50 particpiants.

In the event of an excessive number of requests, priority will be granted to the first 50 applications received

We are looking forward to welcome you in Domodossola! 


REGISTRATION FEE  - Registration Form

Euros XXXX (Euros XXXX for admitted Fellowships) 

The registration fee is requested as partial reimbursement of organization costs and includes lunches and coffee breaks in the lecture days.

DEADLINE  to be defined

Registration FEE must be PAID by BANK TRANSFER(*).

Receipt of due payment must be sent within date to be defined to the e-mail address domoschool@univco.it

(*) the bank account details are indicated in the registration form.  

For late-registrations please send an e-mail directly to domoschool@univco.it. In case it would be possible, we will be very happy to welcome you. 



We have a limited number of slots for 20-minute short-talks reserved to university and PhD students and young researchers.

Titles and abstracts should be sent to domoschool@univco.it for consideration by the Scientific Committee.

Applications for short talks are open, deadline to be defined. 


FELLOWSHIPS - Application Form

Students who are not funded by their institutions may apply for financial support in the form of FREE ACCOMMODATION

If you wish to apply for free accommodation please email your application form  to the address domoschool@univco.it justifying your request and attaching your  curriculum vitae.

Free Accommodation consists in lodging at Mellerio Rosmini College of Domodossola a sort of HOSTEL structure that offers single beds in shared or single rooms (it depends on availabilities) with shared bathroom and toilet facilities; fellowship will include maximum n. 6 free overnights in dates to be defined in a single or shared room.
Free accommodation, in the form above specified (free bed), is personal and applicable only to fellowship owner and it can be no longer considered extended to any accompanying person.
If you think you are not eligible to fellowship it is anyway possibile, also for accompanyng person, to lodge at Rosmini College.
Click here for information. 
Deadline to apply for fellowships: to be defined

Notification of the outcome of the application by: to be defined

The list of candidates admitted to the benefit of free hospitality will be drawn up by the scientific committee
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